Seven Home Buying Tips

27 Sep

Seven Home Buying Tips

Welcome back to my video blog!

I know that buying your first home, or any home for that matter, is a stressful time.  That’s why I wanted to share with you seven home buying tips to eliminate that stress!

1.    Find a good agent. Having an agent you trust and who can communicate effectively with you is the first step in finding your dream home. And guess what, I know a guy for that!

2.    Check out prices. There’s a plethora of resources online such as or to find prices that are comparable to the home you want.

3.    Get pre-approved. You want the seller to know you are a serious and qualified buyer. If you don’t know what you qualify for, give me a call. I can put you in contact with some great people who can answer your financial questions.

4.    Explore your neighborhood. If you find a home you like, find out what’s around: schools, shopping or emergency centers. Visit the home during different times of the day.

5.    Put your best foot forward first. Because we have such a hot market, it’s not unusual for sellers to get multiple offers. To make sure you stand out, make a competitive and fair offer with a list of comparables for support.

6.    Get it inspected. When your offer is accepted, make sure to get your new home inspected by a professional and follow up with any further inspections suggested: termite, structural, etc.

7.    Speak up! After the home buying consultation, don’t be afraid to ask us any questions you may have.

I hope these home buying tips make things easier for you when searching for your dream home!


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