Buying in the Winter, what to look for and get $5,000 to chase away the blues!!!

12 Feb

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Buying in the Winter, what to look for and get $5,000 to chase away the blues!!!

Today I wanted to go over a topic that is often over looked and that is taking advantage of the winter and buying a home. As I’m sure you are aware, the snow has brought us up to eight school closings; but did you know that now is a great time to buy a home?

While you’re out looking at properties, you want to see how well the home’s furnace works. If you walk into the house and it feels “toasty,” check the thermostat to see if it is set at 65 degrees or 80 degrees. You also want to check for draft and insulation inadequacies. To do this, simply run your hand over the top of the window or look for fog to determine if the window has lost its seal.

Look at this fantastic home that passes the winter test!

When this unpredictable weather hits, the market sees a sag in sales. However, this is good for buyers! Lenders, loan officers and banks tend to have fewer loans in their pipeline which means the lending process will be expedited. This gives you the chance to move into your new home more quickly. This cold weather also brings motivated sellers.

Remember: when looking for homes in the winter, be sure to see what snow removal services the areas offer and if they are taken care of; this is especially important in condos and townhomes. If you’re in the city, find out if your street is on their route to be plowed. It is important to know if you will be able to get out of your home!

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For additional information on buying a home in the winter, view the articles below:–is-winter-the-best-time-to-buy-a-home

Thanks and have a great day!


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