Access My Pocket Listings to Find the Perfect Home

24 Mar


I’ll help you buy or sell your home in Louisville, KY. If you’re looking to buy a home, I’ll help you pick the right home for you. If you’re thinking about selling, call me and I’ll tell you what price you home is most likely to sell for. Click here to search a available homes on my website.

Pocket Listings

A pocket listing is a home that has been put on the market, but for whatever reason, the seller does not want it listed on the open market. You may wonder why someone would not want their property on the open market, but there are actually a few different reasons this occurs.

Privacy Concerns: The seller may be a public figure that does not want to attract attention, and sometimes people just like to have their privacy when they sell a home.

• Some sellers would prefer not to have an army of potential buyers waltzing through their home.

• Sometimes these sales come as a result of a divorce or a death, and family members want to keep this situation out of the public eye by utilizing a pocket listing.

People are sometimes afraid to sell their home in a down market, so they list this way in case a very good buyer might come along. This is a good way for them to ‘test the waters’.

These pocket listings are usually not available on the bigger real estate websites like Trulia or Zillow. Instead, you will need to contact a real estate agent such as myself because we keep these listing on our back end. I currently have two pages worth of pocket listings in the Louisville area, so contact me if you are interested.

A downside to pocket listing is that your home may not get all the advertising that it deserves. However, it is a good way to go through a sort of practice run in the home selling process.

These sort of listings will not work for everyone, but if you have been having trouble finding a home, please ask me about this because I know where to find these shadow properties. If you would like to know more about Louisville pocket listings, then give me a call at (502) 220-4663 or email me at



2 Responses to “Access My Pocket Listings to Find the Perfect Home”

  1. March 27, 2014 at 2:00 am #

    Hi Todd it is Diana Stoler give me a shout when you have time as I have had you in my thoughts Steve Komor of Cherokee was telling me that he was looking for a home not finding or having luck…..I mentioned you. Are you still with the same agency next to him? Give me a word or two when you have time.Regards Diana


  1. Greater Louisville Real Estate – What Are Pocket Listings? | - March 27, 2014

    […] Good homes are always available on the market, but you just need to know where to find them. In this video I will explain pocket listings and how they work to your benefit. As a realtor, I have access to many of these shadow properties, and you will need to speak with me to find out about them. Watch this video if you’re interested in discovering these unlisted properties. Allow me to show you great homes you didn’t even know that you could buy! […]

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